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Photo Enhancements

Picture People offers a full range of photo enhancing services that will create unique, exciting photographic works of art for your family to enjoy. A variety of photo enhancements are available, ranging from Black and White to Color Accents to Decorative Borders.  Choose the effect that will make your Picture People portraits every bit as special as your family.

Tonal enhancements include the following:

  • Black & White – Adds a nostalgic, classic feel to your photos.


  • Retro – Muted colors give your images a vintage look.


  • Sepia – A rich reddish-brown tonality reminiscent of antique photographs.


  • Vignette – Added to focus attention on the subject of the photo by obscuring the edges of the image.


  • Soft Focus – Slightly blurs the image, giving it a softer, “dream-like” quality.


  • Duo Tone – Creates an image made up of just two colors and is often used to bring out middle tones and highlights.



Special enhancements include the following:

  • Color Accent – To turn your pictures into a work of art, we convert the original image to black and white, then skillfully paint the area where you want the color to show through.


  • Decorative Border – Add character to your 8x10 portrait by adding a border enhancement. Select styles that will further personalize your photos with descriptive text for no extra charge. See an associate for complete catalog of available designs.


  • Monogram – This embossed look gives a high-end appearance and can be added to any 8x10 portrait sheet.


  • Personalization – This unique style uses the subject’s name on its side, or any other text you wish. Add this great enhancement to any 10x13 portrait.


  • Montage – Capture the many facets of your child's personality when you combine three of your favorite images into one beautifully composed portrait.  We creatively place three of your favorite images on one 10x13 portrait sheet.