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Exclusive Portrait Packages from Picture People

Family photographs are tangible expressions of precious memories. Sharing those memories through the exclusive photography packages available from Picture People can help to keep them alive forever. Our portrait packages are available in a wide range of sizes and styles for gift giving and sharing with family and friends. Many photo packages include thoughtful extras, like the View & Share CD for easy emailing and uploading to your favorite social media site, and customized photo enhancements to make beautiful smiles even brighter. Custom framing is also available for some package options. If you'd rather create your own package, Picture People sells individual portrait sheets, allowing you to mix and match poses and photo sizes to create the ideal custom package for your needs.

Deluxe Package

  • Any 10 color portrait sheets
  • Up to 10 different images
  • View & Share CD*

Signature Package

  • Any 18 color portrait sheets
  • Up to 18 different images
  • View & Share CD*

Premium Package

  • Any 18 color portrait sheets
  • Up to 18 different images
  • View & Share CD*
  • 5 free portrait enhancements
  • 2 Custom Framed Portraits OR
  • 1 20x24 Archival Canvas Portrait

* The View & Share CD gives you low-resolution photos great for sharing online, digital picture frames or emailing to friends and family.


Our high-quality prints are available in single portrait sheets as well. Add them to a package or mix and match them to fit your needs. Individual sheets are $18 each.

Portrait Sheets