About Us

Picture People is more than just a portrait studio. It is a time machine designed to help you collect life’s most meaningful moments and transform them into timeless treasures. It’s where photographers with an eye for the unexpected are specifically trained to capture the most natural, candid expressions. And it’s how the bond between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, even families and their pets, becomes beautifully preserved for generations of enjoyment.

Picture People About Us

It begins with a belief that because you and your family are unique, you deserve portraits unlike any other. Therefore, our photographers actually take the time to get to know you when scheduling your session. By understanding your personality, we are able to create a truly personalized experience that leads to top quality portraits. All delivered to you with no sitting fees and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So, whether you're marking the milestones of your child’s life, upholding a family tradition or celebrating any other special occasion, Picture People makes certain when you’re in front of the camera that every split second counts.

Speaking of which, we know time is particularly of the essence when you have little ones in tow. Which is why we’re always focused on a fast, efficient process from start to finish. But we also realize that a good value is, well, invaluable. That’s why we offer sensibly priced packages that give you the most portraits and poses for your money. Not to mention plenty of extras, like portrait enhancements, decorative borders and custom framing, to name but a few.

With hundreds of locations across the country, Picture People is sure to have a portrait studio near you. Schedule an appointment today and let us show you how images frozen in time can warm the heart.