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Portrait Rewards Club


Membership cost is $45, or free with a pre-tax purchase of $150 or more after discounts are applied. Only one membership can be issued per household per year and is non-transferable. Picture People reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced.

Rewards have no cash value, cannot be combined with each other, and may not be used towards the purchase of gift cards. Rewards cannot be applied to existing order or licensed products. Membership card and personal ID must be provided at time of purchase to redeem rewards. The 50% portrait sheet discount applies to list price.

Redemption period ends 365 days from initial sign-up or renewal date, and cannot be extended. Any unredeemed rewards expire when membership term expires. Only one reward can be redeemed per purchase. Rewards are to be redeemed in order, during separate, consecutive purchases, at least 30 days apart. A reward may be skipped by making an in-studio purchase and allows the member to reach the next consecutive reward on a subsequent visit.

When spending $150 on a subsequent visit during the membership period, member is not eligible for an additional free membership until the last month of the 365 days. A renewal membership can only be obtained: (1) During the member’s last month of current membership, (after 335 days of initial membership) or after all 5 visits have been completed. OR (2) Upon expiration of previous membership.


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