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Prepare for Your Portrait Session
You can prepare as much or as little as you’d like for your upcoming portrait session. But rest assured, our trained photographers will do their best to give you a comfortable, fun and rewarding experience, while answering any questions you might have.
Terrific Timing

If your portrait involves a child, why not book your session during your child's upbeat time of day? After naps, and with full bellies, often works well. For maternity portraits, schedule for the time of day you feel your best and brightest.

Work the Wardrobe

Think bold, bright and simple, with no busy stripes or overpowering patterns. For family portraits, it can be a good idea to dress everyone in the same style, color or mood. Whether you want informal or formal attire, it’s entirely up to you. You can even bring multiple outfits for different looks.

For expectant mothers, we often suggest form-fitting, button down, collared shirts.

Personalize With Props

Props are a wonderful way to add that personal touch to your portrait. They let you showcase your or your family’s personality. Often, props can hold a strong, personal meaning too – and can bring that meaning to the lasting portrait in which they’re captured.

Whether you are capturing a first birthday or a graduation, an engagement or another moment in time, here are some great examples of props we’ve seen. Use your imagination – there are hundreds of more fun ideas to tell your story.

  • Decorated birthday cake
  • Childhood toy or blanket
  • Baby booties
  • Menu from your first date
  • Engagement/Wedding rings
  • Cap & gown
  • Trophies
  • Sports jersey
  • Sentimental item passed down from a grandparent or other family member
Enjoy Your Session!

Our final piece of advice is to arrive relaxed, a few minutes ahead of your scheduled session time, and plan to have fun!

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