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About Us
Authentic Moments. Artistically Preserved.

At Picture People we understand the timeless power of portraiture. We also recognize and value the unique emotional connections within a family that give portraits meaning. Let us capture your important moments and connections in high-quality portraits. Conveniently ready the same day, and priced reasonably too!

What makes the portrait experience at Picture People so special?

1. Trained Photographers: We train our photographers on portraiture and infant and childhood development. We hire many senior-level photographers with specialized training as well. Our photographers go above and beyond to capture the unique personalities of your family through natural, candid expressions.

2. Same Day Services: We are the only portrait company to offer on-site printing, framing, retouching and high-res digital images.

3. Lighting System: Our patented lighting system and equipment simulate sunlight during the “golden” hour. This system delivers a single catchlight in the subject’s eyes, to mimic sunlight and give our portraits that inexplicable natural look.

We are truly honored to capture the significant moments in your life and help tell your family’s story for future generations.

Customers Speak

“I am ecstatic that your photographers were able to so accurately capture the essence of my kids … goofy faces and all.”
-Beverly B. from San Diego, CA

“Close friends and family are getting chills when they look at the photos.”
-Julia A. from Seattle, WA

“She took portraits of him on the go because he did not want to even stand where he was supposed to. Somehow, someway, she was able to capture his personality.”
-Marion B. from Peabody, MA

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